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Savant Autism Equine Service Horse

To see Autism diagnosis, go to Documents link.  

Gulliver is an American Thoroughbred rescued from slaughter off the racetrack more than 16 years ago. This is how he looked when we rescued him from a "kill" dealer:

This is how Gulliver looked before he was foundered:

This is what the founder did to his two front hooves -- photos taken after his shoes were pulled to begin founder treatment, although it did significantly damage all four hooves:

Photo: Right front hoof, January 2008 -- 3 mm "sinker:" 


Photo: Left front hoof, January 2008 -- 3 mm "sinker:"

Gulliver has faithfully served my savant autism spectrum condition for more than a decade and is (in the eyes of a person with autism) a human member of my family.

I am a firm believer that many people with autism can derive enormous benefits from having access to an autism equine service horse as I have for most of my life.

Gulliver became acutely laminitic at the hands of a barn manager where I boarded him, who was entrusted with his care. 

After the 3 mm founder "sinker" was inflicted on Gulliver, I brought him back through a lot of love and TLC, along with hours of founder care (including walking him many hours on my own crippled foot to get the blood flow back in his hoof capsules), ALWAYS striving to make him feel important, cared for, and that his life was worth living. This was no small part of his successful founder recovery -- at least as far as a foundered horse can "recover:" 




Through Hours Of Founder Recovery -- Ever Lessening Bouts With Lameness

This video of Gulliver was taken during December 2009 showing more founder recovery progress, working through ever lessening bouts of lameness on a soft arena surface. This video was taken almost 2 years after his devastating founder "sinker:" 



These pictures of Gulliver were taken during 2010, over 2 1/2 years following his devastating founder "sinker:"

Photo: Starting to get his phenomenal extended trot back

Photo: More trotting ...


Photo: Starting to get a decent canter back

 Photo: More cantering ! 

Photo: Moving on !

Photo: Two-tracking ,,,


 Photo: Haunches out (with the help of the farm dog)


These pictures of Gulliver were taken September 14, 2014, over 6 1/2 years following his devastating founder "sinker" -- being ridden by my 12 year old riding student who is learning to handle him:

Photo: Trotting

 Photo: Cantering

Although  Gulliver will never be able to jump again and has not been jumped since the day before the founder occurred, and despite missing the jumping he loved, he HAS been and IS a very happy horse and loves being given the gift of living out his life with his friends.

Thanks to Dr. Larry Britt, DVM who took on his care, Gulliver has made a remarkable recovery from the day I was told to "put him down" after the founder, as these pictures show.