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Where It All Began -- The Makings Of A Savant Autistic Artist

I have been diagnosed with high functioning autism and savant abilities by my neurologist, Michael Hoffmann, M.D., University of South Florida. To see Autism diagnosis, go to Documents link. 

I dedicate this website to my late mother, who obtained teaching credential, studying special education in the doctoral programs at Michigan State University, and devoting her time to creating one of the earliest personalized autism interventions of the 1960s in support of my lifelong dreams. This was my amazing mother (bottom row, third from left) during her doctoral studies in special education circa 1967-1968 on assignment at OMERAD, the Office of Medical Education Research & Development, Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine.

Among my mother's early autism interventions for me, were her program of curtailing my access to watch television and movies while enhancing my visuospatial-oriented hyperlexic reading of every article or text I could get my hands on. Although I was reading the Scientific Americans left in our bathroom from cover-to-cover by age 5, my husband will tell people how little I still know about American television icons and movie stars. I loved to repeatedly line up my plastic Breyer horses in a certain ways as a child when I played, even building lined up "stalls" out of books in our living room, with dixie cup "water buckets," handfuls of mowed grass "hay," and Kandy Korn kernals for the "grain." 

When I was age 11, after becoming too scientifically involved with the chemistry set my mother got me by making rocket fuel with it to launch my model rockets, my mother decided to find another activity I might enjoy by providing me with some simple tempera paints, from which the beginnings of my savant autism art abilities sprang forth beginning with creation of my painting "Budgerigars," tempera, circa 1967.

I never had any art training whatsoever before creating this childhood masterpiece at age 11 -- "Budgerigars:"